Thin-gauge electrical steel

Nikkindenji Kogyo provides Thin-gauge electrical steel strips (Thin-gauge silicon steel strips) with the thickness of 40 to 100 μ-meter, and provides and design Cores and Electrical equipments to meet customers requirements.

Nikkindenji Kogyo provides Thin-gauge electrical steel strips

Features of Thin-gauge electrical steel

Very low core losses

Compared with conventional thick electrical steels, thin-gauge electrical steel strips have very low core losses because of very small eddy current occurrance. The advantages of thin-gauge electrical steel strips are apparent at high frequencies, and they assist in energy saving and down-sizing high-frequency reactors, transformers, and motors.

thin-gauge electrical steel strips low core losses down-sizing high-frequency reactors transformers and motors

High saturation flux density

Thin-gauge electrical steel strips contribute to downsizing of high frequency reactors and transformers due to high saturation flux density.

thin-gauge electrical steel strips high saturation flux density

High permeability

Thin-gauge electrical steel strips have high permeability, which allows use in shields.

Excellent insulation coating

Thin-gauge electrical steel strips have inorganic insulation coating. The inorganic coating allows excellent insulation, which enables the best stress relief annealing.

thin-gauge electrical steel strips Excellent insulation coating